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Win a Senior Ball ticket!!

We had a very informative meeting last night and word is there is a lot of things in the works for Grad Nite 2020 event. But first things first.


The first 150 tickets sold will be entered into a drawing to win a ticket to the Senior Ball. The drawing will be live stream on Instagram at our March 19th, 2020 Grad Nite meeting, with the help of the leadership crew. 

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Two names will be picked randomly and each will win a ticket to the senior ball, money will be refunded, if any of the winning seniors have already purchased their ball ticket.
Only Grad Nite tickets paid in full will be entered to the drawing, so please make sure you purchase your tickets TODAY!!!

PS. Rumor is… there is a chance for Grad Nite tickets to increase after March 15th, if we don’t meet our minimum requirement, so hit this link and purchase your ticket today.

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