Committees & Chairs

Grad Nite 2020 Chairs

Melaine Huth & Cindy Turner


Grad Nite Chair/s –Attend monthly all-school (College Park, Concord High, Northgate,  and Ygnacio Valley) meeting. Communicate to committee coordinators & senior parents.  Promote event through school channels and direct marketing.  Support committee coordinators. Act as liaison between CPHS, Centre Concord, and other participating schools. At least one chair must be in attendance night of event (all night). At least one Coordinator should be freshman, sophomore or junior parent.Volunteer Job Description


Manage Check-in process and “coat check” night of event – Coordinator & First shift support should not be seniors – need to be at Concord Centre during Graduation Ceremony.   Create check-in logs and prepare student name badges/goodie bags for night of event. (Note: items for Goodie Bags secured by Momentos Coordinator). At least one coordinator at event that night until check in is complete. Coordinator should be junior, sophomore or freshman parent.

Clean –up/Take Down

Coordinate clean up of Centre Concord per their instructions after CP event ends (be there at 4:30am).  Get required rooms ready to go by 8:00am the following morning for next school’s use.  General sweeping/vacuuming/mopping & cleanup required throughout the complex, as well as decoration repairs. Take Down – The morning after Grad Week, coordinate the takedown of the rooms designed by College Park and transport decorations that are to be reused to storage bin at College Park.   Coordinator should be junior parent..


Work with Cross School team to determine event theme and areas of decorating responsibility at Concord Centre.  Create decorating plans for assigned rooms and implement design.  Responsible for ensuring rooms are restored & ready for next school during graduation week.   Coordinate take down on Sunday morning after Grad Week.. should be a team of at least 2 coordinators, ideally one should be a non-senior parent.


Work with Cross-School team on common vendors for night of event.  Create individual school plan for entertainment, secure vendors, finalize contracts and pay for services.  Provide training to parent volunteers.  Must be at Concord Centre day of event to oversee deliveries and night of event (until at least 1am).


Create menu for late night dinner, snacks and early breakfast.  Secure donations for food where possible & contract with food vendors where necessary.  Receive and serve food on day of event.  Must be there night of event (all night). Responsible for the clean up of the kitchen after event ends (4 am). Great for a 2 person coordinator team, one should ideally be a non-senior parent.


Raise funds for the event to offset costs and supplement ticket prices.  Target for donations are set in budget.   Send out donation letters (Nov), keep database of donation letters sent/ donations received, write thank you letters. Work with Prize Coordinator as they secure donations for prizes so as not to hit merchants more than once for single event.


Procure insurance for night of event per Centre Concord requirements. Coordinate insurance information from multiple schools for submission to insurance.


Secure mementos to be given out via “goody bags” to students as they leave the event. Develop and produce t-shirts.  Per student budget for all is set.  Combination of traditional gifts and new ideas where appropriate.

Memory Lane

Advertise to senior parents availability of memory boards.  Design memory boards and distribute to senior parents.  Collect completed memory boards, fireproof and post on Memory Lane at Concord Centre morning of graduation.


Take pictures of students throughout evening & post on website.  Develop and produce postcard with access info (put inside Goody Bags). Must be there night of event (a team of volunteers throughout the night).


Secure Prizes to be given away during the night of event through donations and budget allocation.  Manage prize booth on night of event (all night). At least one coordinator should be a non-senior parent.


Responsible for securing staffing of security volunteers for night of event.  Manage security line on entry to event all students must be frisked & do breathalyzer.  Key contact for any student related issues during event.   Security volunteers for student check-in and Coordinator should not be senior parents. Must be there night of event (all night). Coordinator should be non-senior parent.

Ticket Sales

Manage ticketing process.  Sell tickets & track (in Excel) student names, phone contact, date ticket sold, cost of ticket, payment type, Check number if check payment, and T-shirt size. Assure both permission slip and liability waiver is collected for all students. (organize in two binders for night of event).


Collect orders and facilitate production and installment of tiles as fundraiser.


Manage Income Statement & financial issues of a Non-Profit.  Write checks for payment either directly or to committee Coordinators.  Process all incoming checks. Publish monthly budget reports, complete final budget reconciliation after Grad Nite is over. Quicken experience a plus.


Secure volunteer requirements for night of event from each committee Coordinator (times with number of volunteers needed by time).  Create master database by working with CP volunteer coordinator to get general list of potential volunteers and via volunteer lists received at Walk-Thru Day, Senior Night, Junior night, BTS Night & email requests for help.  Schedule volunteers for event. Send out reminders of work times to volunteers. Publish final volunteer schedule. Create volunteer name badges. Must be there night of event until last shift checks in. Coordinator should be non-senior parent.

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