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Ticket Drawing/Grad Nite Meeting Info

The Grad Nite committee wanted to update all of you regarding the ticket drawing scheduled for March 19, 2020. We have decided to postpone the live stream drawing until our April 16th meeting.

That means there is still a chance to purchase your ticket to participate in the drawing. Ticket sales are still on, so get your ticket TODAY.

Please keep checking back for more details and information for Grad Nite, as we continue to work on the planning and preparation for this event.



On another note we will continue with our planned meetings. Due to the recent events, we are hosting a video call instead of meeting in person. If you’d like to participate and hear what we are working on or like to volunteer with one of the committees feel free to contact us at and we can forward you the link to joint the meeting. 

Thank you for your understanding with all the changes we are having but we are doing our best to keep up with the planning of this event for our graduating seniors.

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