Memory Boards


Dig out those old photos and make a memory board for your Senior!  
Traditionally, memory boards were created by parents, laminated at the FedEx store in Pleasant Hill and then displayed at the Grad Nite event. We will try to figure out how to use these/display for Grad Nite (even if on a cruise).

Here’s what you can do today:
1. Start collecting pictures!

2. Print the Grad Nite 2023 logo, (see link below once logo is confirmed), choose the one you like best. Make sure you scale the image on your printer settings (25%-50%) to better fit in your board.
3.  Cut and paste the logo, use lots of your favorite photos of your graduate and your creativity to create a one-of-a-kind memory board.
4.  We recommend to use an 11×17 board- if we do indeed use them for our Grad Nite event and laminate, we need them to be consistent in size.
5. Use the finished memory board to decorate your front door, at a future graduation party, room decor, memory box, etc.
6. Take a photo of your finished memory board and email it to us at  We will post all pictures right here at the Grad Nite website as well.
7.  When the Grad Nite event is confirmed at a later date, we will collect the Memory Boards and display them all at the event. 

The memory boards have always been a nice surprise for the seniors at our Grad Nite events. We usually pick a specific spot at the venue to create a gallery style display for them to see. Don’t forget to send us a picture of your finish board, we’ll be posting them right here.

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