Grad Nite Meeting 01.30.20

Our first Grad Nite meeting of the year will be on Thursday January 30, 2020. Meeting will start at 7 pm in the CP Library.

PARENTS ONLY. Come by to find out what’s in the works for the senior class of 2020, meet our wonderful committee and be part of the event planning. We are ready to kick start the new year full of ideas and planning for our senior class of 2020.

Bring your friends, family, neighbors and anyone that would like to be part of the planning or just want to help us spread the word and help with fundraising.  We have just a few months to make it all happen and everyone is welcome to participate (freshman, sophomore and junior’s parents).

If you have any skills or ideas to share (finance, artistic, marketing, decoration, fundraising, etc.) WE NEED YOU. If you’d like to be a helper in the process WE NEED YOU TOO!!

We are all working together to make this event truly special for our graduating seniors.

We look forward to see you there!

PS. While you are here, don’t forget to purchase your  Grad Nite Ticket , fill up the Permission Slip and turn it the City of Concord Waiver.

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2 thoughts on “Grad Nite Meeting 01.30.20

  1. If you purchased a Grad Nite ticket earlier in the year, will those tickets also be entered into the drawing for a free Ball Ticket? Thanks,
    Caroline Jordan

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